Building Green & Living Green

Energy Efficient at a Whole New Level

At Silverton Custom Homes you will not only find stunning architectural nuances, outstanding interiors and noticeable craftsmanship, but also a home – high on energy efficiency and sustainability. We work closely with industry experts and manufacturers that help us bring real affordable green living and efficient energy options that will save you money! Silverton has been ahead of this curve for years – and as a leader in the market we challenge ourselves to continue this trend. We recognized the shift to green building before it even became an industry buzzword, and our team makes sure Silverton Custom Homes is providing options and standards to keep ahead of this evolutionary path. This is without a question the way of the future! Homeowners that understand this will gain unparalleled market resale advantages along with real savings. Starting from state-of-the-art upgraded low-e window systems, high R-value insulation materials, various (HVAC) high efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units, efficient LED and other lighting options, quartz countertops, power-vented hot water tanks, air wall barriers, hybrid energy roofing options and exterior finishes. These types of options are the future and not simply novelties, because our customers are concerned with much more than the interior finishes and space, they want to know what lies within the walls of their home and achieve the energy savings they want.

Benefit Options for Our Homeowners