Customer Service That Keeps On Going

Once just a dream, your home is now a beautiful reality.

And although it may seem that we’re at the end of our journey, it’s really just a new starting point. Your Silverton Home warranty is a promise of our continued partnership, and is one more reason we consistently earn one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings from our clients. Your new home’s coverage actually includes two warranties: a one-year Silverton Builder Warranty and a 10-year Structural Warranty. We want you to understand how they work.

OUR * 1 year craftsmanship warranty

This is your “bumper-to-bumper” warranty, the one that guarantees every aspect of your home for an entire year. Why, first, for your peace of mind and second because most problems, if you have any, they will show up within the first twelve months.

OUR * 2 year systems warranty

A home building warranty is only as good as the builder standing behind it.

Building homes in the same community for over 20 years can only be accomplished by providing a product that stands the test of time and built by a company that stands behind their product.
Some builders will outsource their warranty by utilizing a third party warranty service. Silverton has warranty specialist that’s sole focus is warranty and punch items.
Silverton’s warranty specialist is an industry expert and dedicated team member of over 15 years and is willing to go the extra mile, armed with a thorough knowledge our building materials and subcontracts.


Ask around, talk to the local real estate community and you’ll find that Silverton homes are known to demand a premium on the resale market.
You’ll find that local listings often highlight the Silverton brand when marketing a Silverton resale.

OUR * 10 year structural warranty

Think of this warranty as covering the bones of the house, such as the foundation and framing. While the Silverton Builder Warranty covers just about everything for 12 months— both skeleton and skin, to extend the analogy — the Structural Warranty covers only the skeleton for years to come. In reality at Silverton Custom Homes, we think of our homeowners as family and those ties don’t come with expiration dates, we always want to do the right thing. That’s just the way we are.


* As outlined by the National Association of Home Builders in the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines.