Project Description

Southern Living Showcase Home 2014

These homes are designed using high value products with less focus on cost. High end brand name products are normally used rather than a product that may have similar function. There may be reclaimed timber verses solid wood beams that have been distressed to look old. There will be features that are purely for architectural interest and may not serve a practical purpose. The doors and windows will be selected for form and function with little thought given to saving money to get a “standard” size. This is not to say that customers would pay an inflated price but that when comparing one product to another the look and quality would be more important that the price differential. Luxury home customers expect to spend ample time with our interior designers at Home Front Design make sure every theme flows seamlessly throughout the home even though every room may be slightly different. Casita’s, wine rooms, pavilions, bath houses, pools, boat docks are all items that may be incorporated into a Luxury custom home.