Whether you’re sprucing up your current home or choosing fixtures, elements and amenities for your newly built home, you’ve probably wondered what the color trends for 2018 are. Of course, the best colors for any decor are the colors that speak to you. If you like the color, by all means use it in the spaces you call home. Don’t let DIY shows or online apps tell you what you should choose.

That said, there are some interesting color choices that are trending this year. Will they turn into classics or end up like the avacado green and mustard yellow of the 70s? It’s hard to know for sure what will become a classic and what will be a miss, but these colors are interesting, bold and have strayed a long way from the nuetrals that are everywhere lately.

Color Trends for 2018

Black – Black is a bold choice for any home and any room, and yet it’s popping up all over the place. From bedrooms to bathrooms and even kitchens, black is a statement color. It can be used sparingly as an accent or more boldly as the main color for the room. This is a great choice if you like to play with light.

Reds – Red is another bold color that is everywhere these past few seasons. From berries to peppers, the reds are intense and hot. Nothing warms a room like a red, no matter the hue so if you’ve got a cold space like a kitchen or bathroom, consider using some red to warm it up.

Teal – Teal is a color that is making a comeback of sorts. Muted and soft, unlike it’s loud and dark cousin from the 80s, today’s teal is calming and serene. Perfect for master bathrooms, studies or even the game room.

Goldenrod – A cross between yellow and gold, this color works perfectly in a child’s room or in a breakfast nook. Also warm and additionally, very inviting, goldenrod will brighten up any room. White trim pairs beautifully with goldenrod.