Top Five Reasons to Build a New Home

If you’ve been thinking about a building a new home, but aren’t really sure if you’re ready to make the leap, here are the top five reasons to build a new home to consider. Of course one of the best reasons to build a new home is because there just aren’t that many used homes available right now. The market is great if you’re selling your home, but if you’re buying it’s not so hot. If you’re vigilant you can find a home that fits into your budget, has the features and amenities you desire and is located in one of the neighborhoods you’d like to live in. Of course then you have to move quickly and hope the house doesn’t go into a bidding war.

It’s true that new homes can cost more and it’s true you can’t move as quickly as you might like, the upside is you get a home that you want in a location you want. And while the home may cost more upfront, down the line it will save you time, money and frustration because it is efficiently built for your lifestyle and today’s technology.

Top Five Reasons to Build a New Home

  1. Energy efficient – New homes of today are built to use energy more efficiently than older homes. Builders are using energy efficient appliances which will lower the cost of operating the home comfortably and yet still provide time saving functions like dishwashing, clothes washing, and keeping food frozen or chilled. Additionally, many of these green appliances can be managed using a smart phone which makes you home easy to maintain and monitor.
  2. Customization – Depending on when you decide to purchase a new home, you’ll have the option to customize it. If you’re buying a completed model home you won’t be able to do much customization. Of course, most models come with all the bells and whistles so it probably isn’t necessary. If you’re buying an inventory home from the builder, one that has just begun construction, you’ll have all kinds of options for customization. Of course, you can choose to work with the designer from the beginning too.
  3. Easy to Maintain – Used homes are notorious for needing repair after repair. A newly constructed home, on the other hand, is built with all new materials specifically designed to do their job well. Gone are the days of putting on and taking off storm windows twice a year because new homes are built using triple paned or more windows.
  4. Warranty – New homes come with warranties. When you buy a new home you’re usually going to get a warranty from your builder. If anything goes wrong in the first few years (depending on the warranty) your builder will fix it – free of charge. When you buy a used home you’re buying it as is. Hundred year old wiring might work just fine when you sign the contract, it might not 6 months later.
  5. Safety First – Today’s new homes come with all kinds of safety features not even imagined in older homes. From sprinkler systems to co2 monitoring and security cameras, today’s newly constructed homes are safe havens compared to older homes.

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