Easy Home Repair You Can Do Yourself

As custom home builders in Austin, we know that owning a home is a big commitment. Owning a home is a dream come true for most people, but owning a home also comes with a fair amount of responsibility. If you are a homeowner, you know that there will be certain repairs you will have to make at some point. Of course, new homes comes with considerably fewer home repairs than a home built 20, 60 or even 100 years ago. Today’s new homes are designed to be as maintenance free as possible and if you have an HOA you have even less to do on your weekends.

Still, no home is ever going to be completely maintenance free. There will always be those little chores that need to be tended to. Whether a loose doorknob, sticky door or even a broken window, there’s going to be something you’ll have to call a professional to fix, or do it yourself.

These easy home repair projects are things you should not only be doing yourself – you’ll save a lot of money doing them yourself – but if you have kids, these minor repairs provide wonderful life skills teaching moments.

Easy Home Repair You Can Do Yourself

Toilets – From a leaky base to the tank running and running, most toilet issues can be repaired without calling a plumber. If you notice water at the base of the toilet and have determined it is not caused by condensation, odds are the wax ring needs to be replaced. It’s an easy enough repair you just might need a little help lifting the toilet. You could save yourself upwards of $300 by fixing this issue yourself. Click here for more how-tos for toilet repairs.

Clogged Drains– Probably the easiest repair around the house. Grab the plunger, the flat one, not the one with the flange, and start plunging your drain. If you have a double sink, plug up the other drain before you start plunging. If the plunger doesn’t do the job use a small snake to remove any hair and gunk that has gotten lodged in the drain. Once removed run water down the drain to make sure it is clear. You can clear out the gunk stuck to the side by putting a cup of baking soda down the drain and then flushing with a few cups of boiling water.

Seal Drafts – Before the cold temperatures hit grab a caulking gun and go to work on the cracks in doors, windows and around the house. Be sure to remove any loose debris before caulking.

Paint – Painting is one of the easiest projects you can do. It’s also incredibly forgiving. Don’t call a painter, just go to your local hardware store or paint store and tell them what you’re going to be painting. They’ll help you choose the right paint for the job. Be sure to remove any furniture you don’t want to get paint on (or cover with a tarp). Tape off difficult to paint around items like trim and door jambs. Cut into walls first around the ceiling and floor with a small angled paintbrush. Once room is outlined use a roller to fill in walls. Use long up and down strokes. If you can’t finish the project in one day you can cover brushes with plastic wrap or tin foil so they don’t dry out and get hard. When finished rinse brushes with warm water until water runs clear. Hang to dry.

Change Air Filter – If you use your HVAC system to cool and heat your home you should be changing the filters every couple of months or when dirty. Check each month to see the status of the filter and change accordingly. Depending on your system – the more expensive filters don’t make much of a difference. Talk to your installer to find out what they recommend.

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