Featured Product: Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel has been the go-to finish in appliances for many years now. It’s easy to see why homeowners gravitate towards stainless steel. In addition to a timeless design, stainless steel is heat and corrosion-resistant. But, a new arrival may just upset stainless steel as the #1 appliance finish. We’re talking about black stainless steel!

What is Black Stainless Steel?

Like stainless steel, black stainless steel is composed of iron, chromium, silicon, nickel, and carbon. It’s also just as durable as classic stainless steel. The main difference is the protective polymer coating that produces a matte black finish. Overall, the result is a deeper, richer finish than traditional stainless steel.

What We Love About Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Versatile Design

Black stainless steel appliances complement almost any kitchen design. The best part? If your budget doesn’t allow you to upgrade all of your appliances at once, the black stainless steel blends beautifully with white or black appliances.

Fingerprint Resistant

One of the biggest benefits of black stainless steel is smudges are much less visual than traditional stainless steel. Each brand has their own take on this fingerprint-resistant coating; Fridigaire refers to it as their “Smudge-Proof™ design” while KitchenAid prefers to call it their “PrintShield™ Finish.” Either way, fingerprints are much less likely to show up on black stainless steel appliances and when they do, they can easily be wiped away with a wet paper towel.

Available to Fit a Range of Budgets

If you’re a fan of black stainless steel appliances like we are, you’ll be happy to know this stylish finish fits a variety of budgets. From higher-end brands to the more affordable LG brand, finding this stainless steel alternative in your price range is a breeze! Not sure where to start? Samsung offers an affordable kitchen suite in both electric and gas options.

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