There’s nothing quite like building your dream home, right? After all, you’ve been obsessing over and planning out every detail for what feels like forever! While seeing your vision brought to life is an exciting experience, keeping up with each phase of the process can be challenging. Once the design phase is done and it’s time to begin construction, homeowners won’t be as hands-on as they were before. With that in mind, it’s important to set communication expectations with your builder. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of four areas of communication to address with your builder before beginning the construction phase. Check them out below!

Questions and Timely Updates

At one of your first few meetings, your builder should explain the best way for you to ask questions or address concerns. A lot of builders use a specialized software program to provide clients with an online hub. This centralized place typically uses a password to create a secure spot to share updates regarding your new home. You, as well as the builder, trade partners, and vendors may have access to the hub.

Weekly Communication

The construction phase is very hands-off for homeowners so expect to be invited on-site sparingly. Since you won’t be on-site, it is your builder’s responsibility to keep you up to date on the progress of construction. Usually, your builder will provide you with an update by phone or email at least once a week. However, this will often depend on where your builder is at in the construction phase.

Change Orders and Cost Tracking

The downside to any construction project, whether building new or remodeling, is unexpected costs. Your builder will do their best to ensure everything stays on budget, but sometimes circumstances can be beyond their control. In those cases, your builder should first communicate costly issues so you have the chance to approve them. For convenience, you may be able to submit, approve, and track costs electronically through your online hub.

Construction Schedules and Timelines

Before construction begins, your builder will provide you with a tentative timeline and completion date. However, until your home is confirmed to be “weather tight,” it’s impossible to know for sure when your home will be completed. There are many outside forces that could cause a setback like bad weather or shipment delays. Throughout the project, your builder should provide you with an updated timeline as well as make you aware of any delays. That way you can plan accordingly if things are progressing slower or quicker than anticipated.

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