We’re proud to introduce our new Silverton Custom Homes Millennium Series. This is a new product line that features Solid Green Systems, which can provide a “Net Zero” living option.

Solid Green Systems has recently announced the launch of their patented technology: a wall and roof system based on a foam insulated panel manufactured from expanded polystyrene (EPS), a byproduct generated in the refining of crude oil. When combined with light-gauge metal framing, the EPS adds rigidity in the exterior walls and roof. The resulting patented system provides superior insulation, vapor barrier and sound barrier while reducing air infiltration to result in unparalleled energy efficiency.

What is EPS?

Expanded polystyrene is an organic material manufactured from crude oil by-products. The manufacturing process consists of the expansion of polystyrene beads in a mould, which contains an expanding agent, pentane. When submitted to water vapour, the beads expand until they completely fill the mould. During the expansion process, the expanding agent dissipates and air is introduced to the cell structure. The final product is a rigid insulation comprised of a closed cell structure consisting of 98% air.

EPS has been used in packaging for the transport of produce, seafood and other fragile items. Now it is being introduced and used in for building and construction applications.

The Solid Green System is a new way to build a home affordably, and efficiently. It uses preformed EPS foam for the wall and roof panels of the structure. The process of building the home is an assembly process making it faster to complete than standard homes.

Silverton Custom Homes Millennium Series

The Millennium Series is our way of building SMART Net Zero building which deliver environmental sustainability with lower energy costs and lower total cost of ownership.

Because these homes can be constructed quickly, affordably and efficiently they’re great for everyone. But down here, and wherever disaster strikes, we can rebuild a home that has been destroyed by fire, tornado, flood, etc. By employing the SMART Net Zero system, you can reduce and sometimes even eliminate utility costs for your home.

We’ve begun construction on a new custom home in Steiner Ranch, just west of Austin, so stay tuned for more information and to see the progress of the custom home.