The Holiday Season officially begins this week! Is your home ready? If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’ve probably got your home in shape for the Holiday Season, if not, there’s still time to get your home Holiday ready before Christmas, Hannakah or Kwanzaa.

Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

Thorough Cleaning – Our homes are never more clean than when we host get-togethers. Give your home a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. You might even want to call in a professional home cleaner to really get things into shape. The benefit of hiring professionals is that your time is free to take care of the hundred other tasks that need to be accomplished before guests arrive.

The Good China – It’s probably been a while since you used the good china, before setting the table, it’s a good idea to inspect the dishes and even give them a fresh washing to remove and dust or debris that might have settled on them. Use a mild detergent or run them through the dishwasher. Hand dry with a soft cloth to remove and water spots.

Sterling Silver – It’s probably been just as long since you used the sterling or good silver. It’s likely tarnished from being in storage. Use a silver polish to bring back the original shine and luster. Not sure how to set a table? Check out this helpful website.

Holiday Music – it seems each year the holiday music starts playing sooner and sooner. From some, that’s welcome music to their ears, to others not so much. However, now that the season has officially begun, it’s okay to turn up the bass and rock out to Mariah Carey, or Bing Crosby.

Decorate It’s never too early to put up the tree. In fact, some put up a tree before Thanksgiving. There are no rules, if a holiday decorated home makes you feel happy then go for it. Need some ideas for holiday decorating? Here are some great fall wreath ideas from Pinterest.

Delegate – You can’t do it all by yourself, now is the time to call in the troops and have everyone in the family lend a hand. Delegate chores like table setting, decorating or hanging lights outside.

Relax – You’ve done your best so sit back and enjoy the season. Don’t worry if the soufflé falls, or the turkey is a little dry. It’s all about family during the holidays, no one will remember, or care if something goes a little wrong.